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“Resurrection: Afterlife” Eliminates any doubt

"Resurrection: Afterlife"
Lia Scott Price

Underground Horror Comic, "Resurrection: Afterlife"


The next step in the evolutionary chain for the Lia Scott Price “Vampire Guardian Angel” debut comic series removes any doubt about the validity of the series among the mainstream horror comics. “Resurrection: Afterlife” displays the raw talent of Lia, Andrew Setter, and Chad Hammontree. The artwork and bright color contrasts have really developed beyond comic art.

“Horror author and comic book creator Lia Scott Price has just released Issue 4 of her comic book series “Vampire Guardian Angels”, entitled ”Resurrection: Afterlife". The 4th "episode" of her ongoing Vampire series features a new breed of disturbing Vampire: Guardian Angels who have traded in halos for fangs. Price's series is an underground, non-mainstream comic book which focuses on brutal, homicidal, and vicious Vampires without the sappy romance. No wimpy characters here. Price's unique angle to her Vampire stories: turning an everyday pop-culture icon, a Guardian Angel, into a slicing, dicing, serial-killing Vampire who track humans down through their prayers of despair, and who would rather eat you than save or protect you. The comic series often focuses on the question: Do you really know who you're praying to?”

The Vampire Guardian Angels comic book series is created and written by Lia Scott Price, with art by comic book illustrator Andrew Setter and Colorist/Letterer Chad Hammontree.

The comic book series is printed by P.O.D. publisher Issue 4 also features a cameo by members of Los Angeles-based metal band Mesmeric ( as vampires.

For more info on the series and where it is available online, visit Vampire Guardian Angels Issue 4, Resurrection: Afterlife is also available here:

Check it out today!

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