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Restaurants on South Kihei Road that I recommend... Part 1

Colorful Lunch
Colorful Lunch
Autumn Shields

South Maui Restaurants


I live on South Kihei Road. I eat on South Kihei Road and anyone who is smart enough to stay in South Maui when they visit the island of Maui will want to know about these establishments when making their choices of where to go when the get hungry.

I figure it would be nice of me to share my finding with you as I ate my way up and down South Kihei Road.

So for my loyal and faithful readers and for you visitors to Maui and residents alike, you will want to take a gander at this local style information on some of South Maui's Eateries.

I started my food journey at The Isana Restaurant at 515 South Kihei Road. It is on the Maui Beach Resort property.

The Isana is a family run Korean establishment with a sushi bar. They have a beautiful rainbow roll and some tasty menu items. The owners Andy & Cindy aim to please. There is an extensive menu and they are open for lunch and dinner seven days a week and into the later night hours. There is half price sushi after 10 PM on the latter nights of the week.

I want to make mention of an Indian Restaurant, Monsoon India, owned by my friend Hari. It's a few blocks further south in the Menehune Shores complex, for you Indian food lovers. I have a friend, Linda,that eats there weekly & loves the buffet.

Working my way south on South Kihei Road, I find myself in the Azecka area where we have our Kihei Post Office and Longs Drug Store, now officially CVS, where we buy just about everything we need while in South Maui, if we don't want to drive to town.

There are a number of restaurants to mention in the four corners, Azecka area. I will not mention all of them, as I didn't have time to review and personally eat at all of them recently but I can name you a few good ones.

Coconuts is becoming a Maui favorite. They have a sixteen ingredient taco with Mango. It's yummy!

Diamonds on the corner a few doors down from Coconuts and directly across the street from the Kihei Post Office has adopted part of the breakfast menu from the former, very popular Stella Blues which closed its doors a while back (see my previous articles about that), and hired on cooks, reduced the menu prices of some of those breakfast favorites and are becoming a place to have breakfast for us South Kihei Road folks that live up towards that North end where restaurants are fewer and farther between as opposed to further South down the road.

Also, I want to make mention of Maui Brick Oven over in the corner near Longs that is known for their tasty, gluten free menu. Further into that corner we have an Italian Restaurant owned by Kono. It's open for dinner, as is Maui Brick Oven.

There is a good Vietnamese restaurant across the street.

Ok, This brings us to the end of Part 1 of South Kihei Road restaurants and next time I will continue on further South with more recommendations for you as I continue to eat my way South through Kihei.

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