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Restaurant review: Dine in Durham, Durham, Conn.

Very tasty lobster roll
Very tasty lobster rollIsabelle Esteves

Dine in Durham Restaurant


Durham, Conn. is a small town that is located south of Middletown. We had plans to grab lunch in Middletown at a small barbeque restaurant that we like. It was a Monday and we got an unpleasant surprise when it was closed. We got on Route 17 and headed for another restaurant we like. Again it was closed. Since Route 17 goes to Durham and I had seen a recent article about a new restaurant opening, we decided to give them a try.

You will not be inspired when you see the location. It is a little building Main Street with a few parking spots in front but luckily additional space behind the building. The current owners previously owned another restaurant in town that closed a couple of years ago. The interior of the restaurant is also quite plain but we were greeted immediately on entering even though it was obvious that the staff was using the lull to grab a bite to eat themselves.

Since it was about 1 p.m. we opted for lunch but dinner and breakfast was also available. One of the specials on the board was a lobster roll. In Connecticut we like our lobster rolls with drawn butter not mayonnaise and that is what was being offered. It came with fries and coleslaw.

It was a pretty brave choice on my part since this is neither a seashore community nor a gourmet restaurant but they made a very fine lobster roll. There were large chunks of sweet claw meat and plenty of drawn butter on the side. The coleslaw was fresh and crispy. The fries were nothing extraordinary but acceptable. I was very satisfied with the quality and the price of my meal.

My husband ordered the country fried steak which came with two sides. He opted for applesauce and mashed potatoes. It was a very generous portion of very good quality. The steak had a great crunchy crust and the potatoes had plenty of black pepper. The applesauce was served in a coffee cup and was good quality.

Overall, a very satisfactory meal was had but both of us at Dine in Durham.