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Resonance Oracle Cards - Dara Caplan - Review

Card Back and Blessings Card
Card Back and Blessings Card
Dara Caplan

Resonance Oracle Cards


An Oracle Deck for beginners as well as experienced readers.

The most impressive aspects of this 40-card deck are the images, both front and back, and the messages. I performed more than one quick reading using this oracle and the results were truly amazing.

Dora Caplan suggests using this deck in either a tarot-like spread, or as a one card pull.

The images are vibrant, surrounded by solid borders. The cards are a little on the dark side, but not to the point of being too dark, but a subtle blending of image and background. The cards are made of good card stock, perfect handling size, and shuffle easily.

The guidebook offers a black and white image, a message, and alternate meanings for each card. Listed in alphabetical order, the cards are easy to look up. The messages are as meaningful as the images themselves.

Both artist and author, Dara created a wonderful deck and a connection with Spirit.

This deck presents an easy connection for the newbie, and a new tool for the experienced reader. I highly recommend this deck for use.

Available at Schiffer Books