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'Resogun: Heroes' is a brilliant little DLC for the PS4

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Sony Computer Entertainment

Resogun Heroes (PS4)


Resogun” has had nearly the same amount of impact for the Playstation 4 that “Geometry Wars” did for the Xbox 360. It’s an addictive, visually pleasing little twin-stick shooter that launched alongside the console. Developer Housemarque stepped up to give “Resogun” an injection of extra content with the “Heroes” DLC along with a patch of new content that makes the game even more brilliant.

The one thing that “Resogun” lack was a variety in game modes by offering only the core arcade experience. Variety is the spice of life and that’s what the “Heroes” DLC provides with two new modes – survival and demolition.


The survival mode in “Resogun” is just like it sounds as you are given only one life to see how long you can survive against an endless wave of enemy. Aside from no extra lives, other changes include the score multiplier constantly increasing and never resetting and you are no longer required to save humans.

However, you’ll want to make the best effort to save as many humans as you can because rescuing them grants upgraded weapons, shields, bombs and other upgrades that will keep you alive even longer. The humans appear randomly by such means as parachuting in or spawning from downed enemies but they are still vulnerable.

Another notable change is that the new Avernus level is constantly changing. In addition to the fresh day / night cycle, bridges and other structure can be destroyed, which is how humans are lost.

“Resogun” already provides an intense and challenging experience with the arcade mode. Survival keeps that same experience going but changes up the gameplay enough to stand alongside as a unique experience.


It’s possible that the demolition mode in “Resogun: Heroes” veers too far away from the game’s core mechanic in order to try and provide something different. In this mode, you cannot shoot enemies but instead have to use your ship’s bomb ability to send an orb flying across the screen to destroy enemies and obstacles.

Despite the inability to shoot, your “Resogun” ship is pursued just as doggedly as before. Occasionally, you’ll find yourself trapped by both enemies and obstacles and too far away from the ball to do anything about it. Other times you may send the ball all the way around the map by hitting just the right power-up. That means you better watch the other side of the screen or get bowled over.

The result is a slightly more strategic experience with demolition. However, it lacks the same kind of intensity as the other arcade and survival modes.

Free Ship Creator Pack plus Co-Op

Housemarque also deployed a patch to “Resogun” that adds a ship creator to the game and the ability to play local co-op. It is free to everyone who owns just the base game or the DLC and does nothing short of providing creativity and hilarity while helping to extend the life of the game.

The ship creator allows you to build whatever you want to fly in the game on a pixel by pixel basis in a three dimensional canvas. You can also vote and download and fly other people’s creations. In just the short time the patch has been out, I’ve already seen various types of spaceships from “Star Wars,” “Star Trek,” “Robotech” and other space shooter games like “Gradius.” There’s also wackier creations such as Michael Jackson from “Smooth Criminal” plus “Calvin and Hobbes,” “Pokemon” and more (see Screenshot Gallery above).

Shoot this

“Resogun” keeps on keeping own as one of the PS4 games that we keep returning to play more. For $4.99 or $7.99 as part of a Season Pass, the “Heroes” DLC gives everyone a fresh set of new challenges to take on and compete with friends on via the leaderboards. Stacked with the free content patch, it makes this one of those rare DLC that you’ll want to buy.


  • One of the simply beautifully fun games to play made even better with a new level featuring a day / night cycle
  • Two unique takes on the existing arcade mode
  • Additional free content that extends the life of the game


  • Demolition can’t match the intensity of arcade and survival

Title: Resogun: Heroes DLC
Platform(s): Playstation 4
Developer: Housemarque
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Price: $4.99 / $7.99 as part of Season Pass
Release Date: June 24, 2014

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