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Resident Evil Revelations. Survival Horror Returns to the 3DS.

Even the title screen is in 3D.
Even the title screen is in 3D.

Resident Evil Revelations for the Nintendo 3DS


Game: Resident Evil Revelations

Console: Nintendo 3DS

Developer/publisher: Capcom

Genre: Action Adventure

Number of players: one, two players via two player online/offline on Raid mode

Rated: Mature for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language

The premise: This game takes place between Resident Evil 4 and 5. The game starts with two characters, Jill Valentine and her partner Parker Luciani, on a luxury boat, the Queen Zenobia. The ship turns out to be a deserted ghost ship except for several different types of monsters on board that are not quite human. Who is responsible for the viral outbreak this time. Umbrella? But Umbrella does not exist anymore. Can you survive the horror and figure out who is responsible?

Gameplay: You have the option to fire your weapon from either an over the shoulder camera angle (like in RE 4 and 5) or fire in first person. You have a device called the Genesis that lets you scan rooms for extra items. Every time you scan an enemy your percentage goes up. You scan enough enemies you earn an herb (full life). The game plays like every recent Resident Evil game, but this time the puzzles have been put back in. You gain missions in the game which are special features that earn you rewards. Raid mode is a lot like Mercenary mode from the previous games. You go through levels and are graded which earns you more money for weapons to get further.

The good/bad:

Good: I really enjoy the voice actors they chose for this game. The dialogue does not have cheesy B-movie horror voiceovers like the first game. You can choose to play the game with different voiceovers for the characters. In my opinion having language options is an option that is lacking from most games.

Bad: If there was one thing I would change on the game, it, would be the ending. The last boss fight is too easy once you get the pattern. The ending leaves you with a cliffhanger that has nothing to do with Resident Evil 5.

Good: The music is just great. It is a perfect blend of ambience and spooky music. It is bad enough that you are outnumbered and it does not help if the music is out to get you too. Do yourself a favor and plug in your headphones to complete the experience.

Bad: I was disappointed that the game was so short. But I will play it through again. When you beat it on normal you unlock Nightmare mode, a real challenge.

Tips: Take your time and scan every corner of every room if you see the light shining on your item scanner.

Take the time to upgrade your weapons in the green boxes. It will help you in the long run.

Leave your 3DS on sleep mode to activate more missions for the regular mode and Raid mode with Street Pass.

If you do not get the 3D just right you get a blurring effect. This is bad when you are fighting enemies. If all else fails, just turn the 3D off.

To do the most damage when an enemy is crouched over, hold “Y” when you are prompted to do full damage.

Take frequent breaks when playing with 3D games.

My take: This is the game in a nutshell: you walk around, solving puzzles, killing enemies and trying not to get killed. Sounds boring, doesn’t it? Kind of like every game out there? Remember that the reason that Capcom has been running strong all these years is in the content. As the years have gone by, the Resident Evil franchise has been turning more and more into an action game series and less of a survival horror game. This game has brought back survival horror to the series. There is not an infinite supply of ammo, and the levels are cramped and claustrophobic. You have to make every shot count and dodge enemies whenever you can. You will find yourself dying time after time but that is what makes it great. You put on your headphones and start to jump when an enemy drops in and surprises you. You get angry when another enemy gives you the “Game Over” screen. You start to sweat when you are faced with a room/hallway full of enemies…this is all part of the fun. I am really glad I got a chance to play this game. I really like it. I think the level designs are really well done. The graphics are very well done for a handheld. The enemies are well thought out and are creepy. I think that the Raid mode is a great add-on and very addicting. The music adds to the air of creepiness the levels possess. If you are a fan of survival horror games or Resident Evil, you will like this game. After you get used to the controls, you will see there is a reason for the madness. If you are still having trouble there is a device available called the Circle Pad Pro. Like its name, it adds another circle pad to your 3DS. This will help you play this Resident Evil game more like the console games. You can buy them at your local GameStop stores for twenty dollars.

If you are still unsure about purchase this game, borrow it from Blockbuster or Gamefly and watch yourself get pulled in.

My score: 5 out of 5

I would like to thank Gamefly and GameFAQS for helping me with the information with this review. I am currently using Gamefly under their two games out program.


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