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Repticon returns to Timonium

Repticon reptile expo


For the past few years, if it is Memorial Day weekend, it is time for Repticon. This reptile expo offered an assortment of pets: fuzzy tarantulas, slippery frogs and slithering snakes on display and for sale.

This was one of the best looking bearded dragons at the show. It was alert, with great coloring.
Holli Friedland
Baby bearded dragons were available at Repticon.
Holli Friedland

Unfortunately for reptile enthusiasts, the show seems to be shrinking with each event. While there were a host of vendors, the numbers were less than in previous shows.

Most of the educational seminars were poorly attended, which is a shame. When knowledgeable people offer their know-how in animal husbandry, it is nice for hobbyists to take advantage of their expertise.

Books, food and supplies were abundant, but the assortment of animals was lacking. A book vendor had his usual huge assortment of reference books, hooks and heat tape; however, most people come to reptile expos to purchase animals.

As with all reptile shows, there were plenty of ball pythons and bearded dragons. One vendor had amazing looking sand boas and hognose snakes. Another vendor had dart frogs that are always delicate and beautiful. There were a few sellers with invertebrates like tarantulas.

Other than that, there was a sprinkling of colubrids (corns, kingsnakes and milk snakes), boas and pythons, but not nearly what can be seen at other shows. Very few lizards, other than bearded dragons, were offered for sale with the exception of some chameleons and a few skinks. A handful of pacman frogs could be found.

With the large number of reptile shows happening every weekend, Repticon has really lost its luster. There will be another one of their shows in September, so the promoters have the opportunity to put out a better product for the reptile enthusiasts in the area.