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Reno locals Mojo Green dance the night away at Cargo in downtown Reno

Mojo Green
Mojo Green
Photo by John Tuckness

Mojo Green "LIVE" in concert


On Saturday July 19, 2014 Reno locals Mojo Green hit the stage at what seems to be one of the Biggest Little City's best and newest concert venues, Cargo, located inside the Whitney Peak Hotel smack dab in the middle of downtown Reno. Also on the bill were The Nibblers.

Mojo Green "LIVE" at Cargo

Mojo Green plays a style of dance music that is extremely funky and very sexy. Attendance for this show was very good, everyone there partied and danced the night away.

Exploding from the shadow of the Sierra Nevada mountains, the band has been staking their claim over the past 4 years as one of the regions premier horn driven funk and soul dance bands. Originally formed in 2009 they have over the past several years transformed into a funk and soul horn driven powerhouse with a sound all their own.

The band is made up of Frank "Fletch" Fletcher on drums and Trevor Rice on bass laying down the tight and funky grooves that create the foundation. Tim Bain on lead guitar adding some tasty, deep funk rhythms and blistering lead lines. A powerhouse heavy horn section composed of Kevin Thomas tenor/bari sax, Monty Adams on trumpet and John Bennum on trombone. Then add the extremely good looking Jenes Carter with her soulful and sexy vocal leads and you get one funky soulful dance band.

Mojo's set lasted over 2 hours and went like this,

"Funk In Public", "Shake Your Thang", "What Ya Got", "Feel It", "Caribou", "Equilibrium", "Goin On", "Get Down", "The Burgle" (the Hey Hey Hey song), "Moringa", "Triple Shot", "The Grind" and one encore song, "Mud Slide".

From the very first note of the first song the entire room at Cargo started to go wild with dancing and more dancing. This band really knows how to put on a great show, they had the entire venue going wild for nearly two solid hours. Lead signer Jenes Carter not only can hold a note, but she is drop dead gorgeous, this examiner could hardly take my lens off her. Tim Bain the bands lead guitarist really knows his way around the guitar, his rhythms and leads are off the hook awesome, actually the whole band rocked. This examiner highly recommends seeing these guys and gal anytime you can, they are truly a great funky and sexy dance band. If you like to get down and dance, this is the band to see.

Starting the night off was another awesomely funky and soulful dance band, The Nibblers.

The Nibblers are a sweaty rockin' soul funk locomotive that hails from Sacramento California. These guys were the perfect opening act for this dance party, they got the place all geared up for the headliner.

Band members include, Will Whitlock-(vocals), Jon Wood-(lead guitar), Michael Palmer-(bass), Courtney Miller-(drums), Jim Wendt-(keyboards), Danny Sandoval-(sax) and Clifford Childers-(trombone).

The bands set lasted about an hour and 20 minutes and went like this,

"Set It Up", "Reasons", "Do Me Baby", "Make It Funky", "Dues To Pay", "Improve", 'How Strong Is A Woman", "Memphis Train", "Dance Across The Floor", "So Much Trouble", "Tell Me What's On My Mind", "Whatchya Gonna Do", "Fairchild" and "Rufus".

The Nibblers were awesome, lead singer Whitlock has such a great stage presence and lots of charisma to lead this band. His vocals were impeccable, as a matter of fact the whole band was awesome, they really had the entire venue going their entire set. Very impressive.

This being this examiners first dance party show, I was very impressed with the whole thing. Not one person there had a bad time, everyone enjoyed every minute of the show. I really enjoyed the whole experience.

As for the venue, just when you think it can't get any better with the sound and especially the lighting, they prove you wrong by adding 3 awesome light panels behind the stage that look absolutely great and add a visual effect that really improves the entire stage. Dan Bishop, the production manager of Cargo and his extremely talented staff know how to set up a concert hall. To see who's coming to Cargo next (click here)

A great time was had by all.

As with all this examiners reviews and feature stories, "The Photos Are What It's All About", so check out the photo slideshow and enjoy the show.

All photos by JOHN TUCKNESS

To see more photos of Mojo Green at this show (click here) and The Nibblers (click here)

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ROCK ON (or in this case, DANCE ON)

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