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Rene's for Lunch

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Rene's Restaurant, Fort Myers, FL


One of the most stressful parts of my job is trying to decide where to go for lunch. Often times, we will get into arguments in the office about where to go each day. Now I grant you, with all the struggles that face the world today, such a thing will not get any media attention, however, there is a wonderful local restaurant who's delicious lunch offerings should.

Rene's Restaurant has been serving Southwest Florida since 1981. Located on McGregor Blvd., just north of College Pkwy., Rene's Restaurant is open 11am-4pm Monday - Saturday for lunch and also offers many different catering services. Never heard of them? You've been missing out!

Anymore, eating out at lunch will end up costing the average person around $10. Rather than getting a greasy burger and cold fries, Rene's is cooking up delicious and more healthful options for a very reasonable price. One of my favorite meals at Rene's would have to be the Turkey, Cranberry and Swiss Pita which comes with THE BEST pasta salad I have ever tasted. The best part of the meal? Walking out the door fully satisfied, knowing I didn't spend a ton of money.

There are many great lunch spots in Fort Myers, and in the coming days and weeks I will happily share my experiences there. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and go down to Rene's Restaurant and enjoy an amazing meal, with some terrific people!