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At the center of the sunfire of that sacrifice, they overlook one thing.


By Julie D. Griffin

Witherspoon strikes a serious pose at the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In Egypt, one informant leads a son to say, you torture one and you create one, two, three and then thousands of new enemies for yourself.

The innocent American wife, hungry for information about the husband of her desire, who she not allowed to touch even with her heart, the swelling from within arises and hers turns to a war of looking to the center of sunfire for the sacrifice. "They overlook these donkeys, they cause accidents." The girlfriend already there by the plaza a thousand miles plus and a continent away observes that her boyfriend plans to bomb a plaza where her father walks there. She begs Kahlid not to do the thing. "Please. He's my father." At first bomb though, he let go. At this point, the journalist and the newspaper already knows that the tragic downfall does not repent and does not turn back the truth exposed or the hand of time. The protected one, of the light, she flees to her place. And only thinking she had found him at least, Reese Witherspoon emerges from a doorway on our continent with his child. The people who say we are peace and deceive, as you watch the film, the others soon find out about who the lovers of strife and hatred really are.

Based on a true story, Rendition portrays the heinous atrocities which may occur after a mistaken identity of who really initiated committed acts of violence goes free and the wrong criminals taken and charged for a crime initially. Khalid (Moa Khouas) who the film seemed to insinuate committed an act of terrorism gets away with one according to the film after an American Egyptian married to a woman here, Isabella Fields El-Ibrahimi (Reese Witherspoon) finds himself wrongfully detained at the airport by C.I.A. agents in relation to the crime. Of course, at times parts of the film make figuring out the facts fully rather confusing. Corinne Whitman, the boss of the C.I.A. agent who she ordered to likely falsely detain and torture the husband of Witherspoon (Isabella Fields El-Ibrahimi), even receives information from the agent that he doubts the guilt of the man. But the man who actually deserved the pinata of guilt dead during a battle he started, the dramatic events outline the trial of the story for the woman who travels to a foreign country for him, unaware of his water boarding torment going on as she tries to find him. However, watching as parties elsewhere side with the real criminal who keep quiet as an innocent man suffers and punished for a crime another man committed.

The political state of the country means stormy weather and the slow and thorny wheel. Figuring out the credible behind the terror of war, for every lying thug who leaves the courtroom, a new one comes to replace them. The focus seems to emphasize that to protect the good and expose evil sometimes means not assuming anything based solely on religious beliefs.