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Remembering Christmas, a Novel, by Dan Walsh

Genuin! Authentic! Unforgettable! On a scale of 1-10, Walsh's story is a 12.
By Dan Walsh

The completely unforeseen, stunning twist ending will have readers talking about this author long after Christmas has passed!


An unforgettable and amazing Christmas narrative!!

Christmas Day Services at the Vineyard:

Remembering Christmas, a Novel, by Dan Walsh, Revell, 2011, Hardcover, 272 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-0800719791, $15.99

JD nervously paced, peeking around the corner to look for Art who had never been late one time this past year with his Egg McMuffin. He heard his belly rumbling, but this morning he needed “the heat from Art’s coffee to take the chill out of his bones” more than the food.

He had come to count on Art’s generosity over the past year after he made a deal with him to stop sleeping in the sheltered stairwell if Art would bring him an Egg McMuffin every morning. That’s when JD moved from his stairwell home into the cardboard box behind the church. He was happy. Art and the Book Nook customers were happy.Where was he?

Taylor, visible only to JD, again raised his voice and said, “I think you should go inside JD….something is wrong."

“What if he comes in…finds me…no more Egg McMuffins!” Art said as he peeked around the corner again.

Finally at Taylor’s encouragement, JD agreed to check the bookstore door. He slipped around the corner and carefully headed down the six uneven stairwell stairs, turned the knob “….and slipped inside…”

Thus begins Dan Walsh’s poignant Christmas story of “…nostalgia, wonder and hope” that will turn first-time readers into Walsh fans!

In Remembering Christmas, Art’s stepson Rick, a successful business executive, prefers to play on the ski slopes during the holidays. He still resents the step-father who took his real father’s place and blames his mother for chasing the dad he barely remembers away. Today, Rick avoids family gatherings and instead lives “…life on his own terms and answers to no one.”

Until Rick’s mother calls and asks for help when his stepfather has a stroke and Rick can’t refuse. He has to return to a small town he hates, confront the past he fears and cancel his much-anticipated Christmas ski trip.

Walsh skillfully weaves a mix of quirky Book Nook customers and family members into a setting and plot that presents a strong message of faith without Christian jargon. The memorable story is real, authentic, genuine and far too common among many families today where forgiveness is needed and never offered. The completely unforeseen, stunning twist ending will have readers talking about this author long after Christmas has passed!

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