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Remember how Boston once looked? No? It's time to pick up Lost Boston

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Lost Boston


Anthony M. Sammarco has outdone himself with his latest opus, Lost Boston (Pavilion, $18.95). Spectacularly researched, decade by decade from the 1850s to the 2000s, he traces each building of the gorgeous architecture that made up the Athens of America. Not only are there hundreds of exquisite photographs from Boston’s history, but also beautifully wrought essays by Sammarco and the building, use and ultimate destruction of each landmark.
Sammarco chronicles the cherished places of Boston that have been swept aside by progress and fashion. The Charlestown Navy Yard, the Brattle Square Church, Hotel Pelham, the South Boston Aquarium, Union Station and scores of other landmarks are explained, illustrated and mourned in this astounding book.
From the 1870s to the present day, 68 different losses are represented here---schools, churches, theaters, mansions, dockyards, racetracks, parks, stores, hotels, offices and factories.What's gone is stunning. It boggles the mind. The book, organized chronologically starting with the earliest losses and ending with the latest, features those much-loved buildings that have failed to stand the test of time. Even those hotels and sports facilities that were beyond updating or refurbishment are sad testament to old Bean Town.
Sammarco is the author of some 60 books, most related to a pictorial urban history of towns and neighborhoods around Boston. A great deal of the volumes are smaller in size than this one and geared toward tourists as well as natives interested in studying. in greater depth. the mores and folkways of the New England cities and districts. In Lost Boston, Sammarco has outdone himself with photos and essays. Not only are there hours of pleasure to be found in the slow perusal of this book, but, with a touch of the Google, the entire utterly fascinating history of one of the oldest cities in the new world will be at your fingertips. Lost Boston is the key to the endless story of a great urban center