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Relive the love of GHOST the Musical

Ghost the Musical now playing at The Fox Theatre

Ghost the Musical


I was in love with Ghost when it was Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, and that guy who plays the President on Scandal.

What is it about Ghost that makes it a classic movie and now a classic Broadway musical (now playing at The Fabulous Fox Theatre)? Of course - it's a love story. A love story so strong that it lasted beyond the boundaries of death and between a couple that was so well suited for each other it makes you say, I want love like that. I want a hot pottery scene set to Unchained Melody. I want an incredible loft in Brooklyn. But more than anything - the crazy deep love connection, a one true love. Sure, Molly may find another love but will it ever be anything like Sam. Who knows?

With all that said, the beautiful love story of Ghost that made people cry when Demi Moore says, "Ditto" as Patrick Swayze is lifted into heaven is just as strong on stage as it was on screen, and for all of us who loved the movie, it is worth every penny to relive it on stage.

Some of the scenes that play well on film and you wonder how they'll pull that off on stage - the subway scene, the heaven/hell departures, walking through doors were completed so creatively with a digital screen that it allows the audience to not lose any belief. And - of course, there's the comedic relief of Oda Mae Brown. All I think I need to say is " in danger girl."

Catch this Ghost before it's gone. Bring your tissues. Playing at the Fox Theatre November 5 - 10. Purchase tickets at or the Fox box office.