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Reincarnated: Past Lives debuts on Lifetime learn about past life regression

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Reincarnated: Past Lives


The Lifetime Movie Network aired the first in a series of shows on past life life regression sessions. Damian Bertrand, a licensed hypnotherapist and actor is the host and guides the guests through actual past life regression experiences. Past life regressions are gaining in popularity as many people are experiencing the benefits of this modality. The show featured to guests who were regressed to former lives. The regressions were very vivid and while this television it was an accurate depiction of what can actually happen during a session. It is important to recognize that not all experiences may be as vivid as the ones in this show. Periodically a clock is shown as a reference to the time lapse. Regressions can take hours and can span over a series on sessions.

Overall this show gives the viewer an overview of what to expect during an actual hypnosis session. For that reason I give it five stars. Many people are interested in hypnosis but the myths have made many afraid to try what is a very powerful holistic tool.

Reincarnated: Past Lives airs on Saturday nights and can be viewed at