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Reggae Rise Up Festival at Liberty Park, Salt Lake City, July 12-13, 2014

Photos of bands performing at the festival - 1 - Know Ur Roots
Photos of bands performing at the festival - 1 - Know Ur RootsMartin Willcocks

Live Music Festival


A two-day festival featuring the most and best local reggae bands as well as some superb headliners in the genre, Matisyahu, Stephen "Ragga" Marley, and Slightly Stoopid, was an outstanding event this last weekend. With a total of 16 additional bands, the $60 charge for both days works out at just over $3 for each band, and free parking, easy bus transit and plenty of food and other vendors made it a self-contained and thoroughly enjoyable way to spend the weekend.

This author managed to see ten or more of the bands, so only a limited number of photos of each can be posted here, but over 1100 photos are on my Facebook page. The bands included, on Saturday, the well-known Know Ur Roots headed by Elgueta Vidal Antonio, Natural Roots, and Afro Omega. Tribe of I, Funk & Gonzo preceded these three, and they were followed by Hirie, Thrive, Through the Roots, and The Expendables before Saturday's finale with the superb Matisyahu.

On the second day, Sunday, the line-up was DJ Roots Rawka, Bludgeon Muffin, Mikisi, 2 1/2 White Guys, Codi Jordan Band, Stranger, and Fortunate Youth, followed by the excellent performances of headliner Stephen Marley, son of Bob Marley, and Slightly Stoopid rounding out the entire festival. Marley introduced his son and the rest of his children.

The event vendors also had a field day, with T-shirts, artworks, food, soft drinks and jewelry,and lots of young people around to spend a beautiful day in the sunshine and some beautiful moolah on the merch! All in all, my rating of this event was a very successful and worthwhile way to spend a fine summer weekend.