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Regan’s many faces make him funny

Regan concentrates while driving down the freeway.
Regan concentrates while driving down the freeway.Photo by Tim Friend

Brian Regan performs in Toledo


Trying to describe the comedy of Brian Regan proves to be tough to do. He is a silly, socially awkward and self-deprecating guy. Most importantly, Brian Regan is hilarious, and he proved that in his show at the Stranahan Theater last week.

Brian Regan creates faces to amuse the crowd
Brian Regan creates faces to amuse the crowdPhoto by Tim Friend

Regan came out to a huge round of applause from the Toledo audience, and he had not even said a word yet. “Thank you,” he said. “You people are really nice. Of course, Tis the season, right?”

He started with the realization that we really don’t use the word “tis” except at Christmas. Regan tells the audience “Imagine answering your boss with the word “tis” in a sentence. ‘What is this?’ ‘Tis the report you asked me to write boss’.”

His observations about social conventions, like how we greet each other, kept the audience laughing. “I had a guy come up to me at a party and start throwing boxing punches at me to greet me. Now, he didn’t hit me, so I realized he was ‘shadow boxing’ to greet me, but I thought it was an odd way to greet me, so I started ‘shadow curling’ with a broom to greet him. Then I pretended to ride a polo pony.”

His observational comedy reaches a vast audience because he uses little profanity in his comedy routines, so some people have compared him to Bill Cosby and Jerry Seinfeld.

But Brian Regan’s true genius is what he can do with his body, especially his face, that rubbery, wonderfully expressive face. When he wishes to look serious, he raises an eyebrow. To look oafish, he shows off a huge overbite and crosses his eyes. He creates a puzzled look by furrowing his brow and rubbing his chin.

CD sales for Regan are strong. In fact, his latest, “All By Myself” is back ordered on his website. But to truly appreciate his comedy, you must see him on DVD, or preferably, in person.

The 54 year old Regan still constantly tours, and he started this year’s tour in Toledo. He has 32 more stops planned so far, and he will be back in the Toledo area this spring. He will perform in Cleveland, OH and Kalamazoo, MI this May. Check Regan’s website for more tour information or information on obtaining “All By Myself” Regan’s latest album.

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