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Red Lynx keeps on chugging in the right direction with 'Trials Fusion'

'Trials Fusion' Screenshots and Title Art-slide0
Photo courtesy of Ubisoft, used with permission.

'Trials Fusion' (Xbox One)


“Welcome to the future.” That’s the first thing Red Lynx blasts into your eager ears when you load up its newly released platform racer, Trials Fusion. Comparable to the titles that came before it, Fusion shines spectacularly with its sharp interface, sophisticated and refined environments, and an overall spiritedness that makes you feel alive inside even when you’re ready to smash your controller.

'Trials Fusion' is now available for $19.99.
Photo courtesy of Ubisoft, used with permission.

A new generation of consoles has opened previously locked doors for Red Lynx and Fusion takes full advantage of these with improved graphics, better tech, and more polish.

The main track itself boasts, “Light years ahead of evolution,” and if one thing is for sure it’s exactly that fact. Fusion is definitively better than 2012’s Evolution.

With the overhauled Track Central it’s easier than ever to continue finding new and exciting content at no additional price to the owner. However, those who still beg for more from Red Lynx itself will be happy to know that a season pass will be offered for an additional $20 with six new packs of content promised by April of next year.

An initial purchase of $19.99 buys you around three to four hours of content (on the first run through) that is infinitely replayable: pushing to go faster, with less faults, and more importantly, better than your friends. As you traverse through the different locales and event types – race, skill, and the new FMX – you’ll cumulatively earn medals unlocking new events and experience unlocking new levels which bring with it customization rewards.

New this time around are challenges for each event that serve as secondary goals. Completing these reward you with even more cash that you can use upgrade the looks of your bike (or ATV) and rider.

FMX shifts the focus from as being as perfect as possible throughout the entire course over to being flawless in the air. A mixture of the left and right sticks help determine exactly what trick you’ll be attempting and it can be a little hard to wrestle with at times but with enough practice it becomes the staple of someone who has truly mastered the title. Throughout the FMX dedicated events you seek to balance flair with a combo meter that builds up then depletes over time in between tricks.

Available on all major platforms, excluding Nintendo’s duo and the PlayStation 3, and purchasable digitally or at retail, Trials Fusion continues to open its arms to a wider and wider audience while still maintaining the sickeningly difficulty skill curve that comes with the franchise.

(Note: The title runs at 1080p and 60fps on PS4, 900p and 60fps on the Xbox One, and 600p and 60fps on the Xbox 360)


  • Varied visual style.
  • Amazing custom content potential.
  • Additional of tricks is a welcome change.


  • Tricks can be frustrating and finicky.
  • Extreme difficulty curve.

A copy of this title was provided by the publisher for review purposes.

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