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Red Circle Comics The Fox # 5 review

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Red Circle Comics

The Fox # 5


In 2012 Archie Comics re-launched their superhero imprint Red Circle Comics with New Crusaders with The Fox soon to follow. The current series of this classic character is now coming to a close with The Fox # 5.

In the issue The Fox’s Diamond Realm adventure takes him on an unexpected detour forcing him to team up with The Shield, but can he save the world and still make it back to his own time in time for dinner? This issue continues to bring the strange and weird adventures of this iconic character to the forefront with fun results. The story is over the top and filled with all the old school elements that you would expect from these characters while still giving them an updated feel. The artwork from Dean Haspiel has a simplistic nature similar to Mike Avon Oeming, that helps it to stand out and feel fresh and new while giving it a fun overall feel that works brilliantly. There is plenty of old school action and crazy character designs that make this book not only keep the classic vibe but make it stand out as something that has been missing in the industry.

Whether you are a fan or have even heard of these classic characters this is a series you should be checking out. It has just enough strangeness to it to make it standout, but not so much that makes it overly bizarre. The world of Red Circle Comics is back in full screen and while this might be the end of this Fox series, this is clearly just the beginning of a lot of fun.

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