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Recording Artist Ricky Jarman sings about love lost in new single SHE'S GONE

The artist that sung of love now shares a message of love lost
The artist that sung of love now shares a message of love lost
Ricky Jarman

IT'S GONE by recording artist Ricky Jarman


I had the opportunity to interview recording artist Ricky Jarman over the past few years as he was promoting his singles MAKE IT HAPPEN, DO IT and even last year's sizzler MI AMORE. Each time it was great to see not just the way he was able to share his excitement for music but the way he captured the joy that comes from loving life and someone you have feelings for.

In his newest single SHE'S GONE, however, Ricky chooses to sing about the dark side of relationships, and I have to say he's just as passionate about love loss as he is about love being born.

For those guys that are looking for the right words to say to that lady that walked out of their lives, Ricky gives them a lot of material. "One thing is certain now," he sings, "what I'm doing is not working now. It's a shot in the dark just to reach her."

Nothing seems to be working in getting back to that love. "Solitude seems to be my only friend," Ricky sings, "knowing she won't be back here again." Then there is the question that inevitably come: "Why won't you talk to me? Don't say you're leaving me."

SHE'S GONE is really about someone who figures they have messed up or at least want another chance to right a wrong. "I'm left without a lifeline," Ricky sings. "Can't even get you off of my mind."

Definitely one of those singles designed to help you find the word you want to say when a relationship goes south, SHE'S GONE is another great release by an artist who's just scratching the surface of where he can go with his talent.

Get SHE'S GONE on today here.

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