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Recording Artist MLN soars with his new album FLY WITH ME



Some artists are able to tell a story through one or two songs. For recording artist MLN he is able to carry an album with a theme of love, happiness and finding someone who compliments you. He released that album today.

Recording artist MLN releases his album FLY WITH ME today
Conversations Media Group

FLY WITH ME is a musical journey of the artist being able to share his passion for writing and his feelings through song. It's impossible not to find songs on the album that you wouldn't find yourself saying the words to that special someone. In I THINK I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU MLN isn't afraid to open up his heart and admit how he feels. "Last night I dreamt of days gone by," he sings. "We know I need you in my life. There's nothing standing in our way. You know I'd make the sacrifice." The song ends with the words that any women would love to hear: "Without you how am I to stand? You're more than just a helping hand. My everything and so much more... O how I love to be your man."

Other stand outs on the album are the lead single FLY WITH ME, CROSSROADS, CROSSROADS and DO ME GOOD, DO ME RIGHT.

Having had the privilege of interviewing the artist in the past---even sharing his single FLY WITH ME for the first time with our radio audience on Conversations LIVE---it's obvious that when it comes to music, you are not going to find many independent artists that are as passionate and engaged as MLN is. Just this year he was able to attend the Grammys and is experiencing things that many others just talk about.

If you haven't heard of him before, now is as good a time as any to discover him. Definitely a talent to watch, MLN's talent definitely soars with FLY WITH ME.

Get the album today on Amazon here.

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