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'Recklessly Royal' by Nicole Chase: light romance with royalty

Light romantic royal read
courtesy of Avon Books

Recklessly Royal by Nicole Chase


"Recklessly Royal" is the next "Royal" book in Nicole Chase's series about a small kingdom and its royals. In the first book, "Suddenly Royal," Chase brings a prince and a new duchess (Samantha, an American who just discovered that she is from an aristocratic line in the small country of Lilaria).

In this story, Samantha's good friend and fellow bird researcher David arrives in Lilaria for her wedding. He meets Samantha's sister-in-law to be, Catherine, and is smitten. So is she.

There are the predictable problems that arise, a few being those between royal and commoner, and experienced partner and virgin. Catherine is wary of trusting that anyone will love her for herself and not as a princess. And will David be able to handle the pressure of constant press and media snooping?

Those who read "Suddenly Royal" will want to pick this book up. For those who want a light read, a fun romance, a bit of escapism, this should suit nicely. Great literature it's not. Fun literature? Absolutely.

Please note: This review is based on the mass market paperback provided by the publisher, Avon, for review purposes.

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