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Reckless Mercy's 'Ain't No Grave' official music video release: A must-see

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Reckless Mercy—the like-no-other Folk-Rock Christian band—has officially released its very moving, must-see music video: “Ain’t No Grave.” Even greater: The video has been featured on MXTV, which is: “The longest running evangelistic youth program (reaching ages 15-30) on TV,” according to MXTV’s media officials (MXTV, 2013).

Having had the opportunity to listen to and review the magic behind Reckless Mercy’s phenomenal video releases, it’s safe to say: The group continues to be fueled by its faith-driven mission of consolidating the wonders of modern-day music and video technology, with a much higher purpose, which appears to be quite evident with the “Ain’t No Grave” release; and, it’s safe to say that most RM fans and those who are looking in for first time would probably agree, regardless of spiritual inclinations and/or convictions.

So, how is this possible, you ask..? Well, if you take time to do some research and visit Reckless Mercy’s website, you’ll probably notice, if you haven’t already, that the group’s unique, selfless ability to exemplify and promote their modern musical momentum, while conveying their spiritual conviction in the same stroke, is what draws attention and makes them tick! How “Ain’t No Grave” and other RM video’s represent this claim is—really—what makes the group, what they do, and how they go about it so interesting!

Having had the opportunity to meet this great group of artists, they went on to say that: “We hope to reach out to as many people, as possible, through “Ain’t No Grave,” through our music and videos, and through our Ministerial efforts…”(Castillo,2013)—that’s just who the guys in this group are and what they’re about!

To listen to and/or to download RM’s music, you can check them out on i-tunes or Reverb-Nation. Also, the group enjoys and appreciates fan-interaction on Facebook. As for “Ain’t No Grave,” please check it out! If this video doesn’t move you, it’s hard to say what will..!


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