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Rebuilding Families One Dollar at a Time, by Maxine & Charlie Marsolini

Following this book leads to "life without debt, life without pressure, life without fear..."
, by Maxine Marsolini, with CPA Charlie Marsolini

How to achieve financial stability in spite of an uncertain economy


A sign of the financial times in Seattle at the Smith Tower:

Rebuilding Families One Dollar at a Time, by Maxine Marsolini, with Charlie Marsolini, CPA, Rebuilding Families Publisher, 2011, 264 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-0615476742, $12.99

What does ordained minister and CPA, Charlie Marsolini have in common with the Mafia, a father who was “… a powerful capitone… in the Mafia.”

As a youngster, that imposing connection made pride well up in Charlie when he walked down Hanover Street with his dad. Those who owed his father money would move to the “…far side of the street…” in fear, in contrast to those who didn’t owe anything. Yet, even they treated Charlie and his father with deference and respect. That taught Charlie two things: the power of money, and never to borrow money you couldn’t pay back—otherwise it could result in “…terrible consequences.”

As an adult he also learned, “…money is universal, but learning to manage money well is personal,” a lesson that took Charlie years to learn. It wasn’t until Charlie met Christ through his wife, now co-author Maxine, that together they and their blended family learned how to “achieve financial stability…” regardless of the economy.

They collaborated to write Rebuilding Families One Dollar at a Time, a book that includes a surprising amount of information from “streetwise” money management principles Charlie learned as a child, such as:

  • Pay as you go
  • Save for what you want
  • Borrow with the greatest caution.

Eighteen chapters begin with dictionary definitions such as “slick, caught” or “economy.” Topic specific Scriptures, quotes from well-known financial managers and real world examples reinforce the principles presented. Sections end with concise chapter summaries, a how-to “Increase the Wealth” challenge and a sentence of “Common ‘Cents’ Sense.”

The Marsolini’s timeless financial advice is similar to financial guru Dave Ramsey who also teaches on spending, savings, debt and budgets. However, the Marsolini’s added the “how” and “why” of our nation’s current financial problems, such that threaten our nation’s existence and undermine American families. The information on different credit bureaus, what FICO scores are and why it’s important to contact them in chapter seven is easy-to-follow.

For example telephone numbers, addresses or website URL’s are listed for yearly free credit reports from Equifax, TransUnion and Experian with how to get one report from each agency without charge. The fascinating chart of FICO credit scores clearly explains what FICO scores are, their importance and how they are compiled.

Other chapters on savings, easy-to-understand and implement spending plans, gambling, blended family financial issues and hidden fees, scams and fraud are eye-opening.

We live in tough times. Many are in serious need of the practical financial and relationship advice found within these pages. I consider the Marsolini’s book a Holy Spirit inspired work for this time in our nation. YouTube Interview:

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