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Rebelution: Count Me In

Count Me In


If you had to describe the music of Rebelution with just two words, "good vibes" would be an excellent choice. This band is all about spreading the good vibes with its reggae sound and positive messages. Count Me In is the latest album from the band and from the first notes, it's a great example of the good vibes this band produces. Rebelution immediately puts you in a good mood and keeps it going.

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"De-stress" is the kind of song that can get stuck in your head for a while. In this song, Eric Rachmany sings that he's "too blessed to be stressed." Sure, it's a phrase that's been used a lot, but this song has such a good message and such a catchy melody. The organ in this song gives it a bright tone while the lyrics just make you feel good. Then there are the horns, which is something different for this band. If anything, the horns brighten the sound even more, and make the song even more enjoyable.

Singing about love and forgoing material possessions is nothing new in reggae. It's a longstanding tradition in the genre. However, this band really drives the point home in the song "More Love". In this song, Rachmany sings that "more love is what we need to succeed, not dollars." It's hard to disagree with the guy.

This is a great album to show how Rebelution continues to grow as a band. The core of the band remains the same. This is some easygoing reggae that is great for relaxing - especially on a summer day. However, the horns and the rock sound incorporated into "Lost in Dreams" shows that the band is willing to work some new things into its sound. If you're already a fan of this band, you won't be disappointed with the new album. If you're a newcomer to this band, this album is a great introduction and a springboard to seeking out some more of this band's albums. Rebelution is on tour almost constantly, so be sure to check it out if this band is coming to your area.