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Reaper Bones review #94: Ape-X, Super Villain

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Ape-X, Super Villain


Your miniatures sucks. You know why? Because it doesn't have enough ape in it. Therefore, by process of elimination, Jason Wiebe's Ape-X is the best miniature ever, because it's full of apey goodness.

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Where to start? The fact that this is an ape with a mechanical skull cap? Shall we discuss the extraneous wires that an enterprising hero might cut? Or the cybernetic fist replacement? Or the huge Gatling gun affixed with massive rivets to Ape-X's other arm? He even has a villainous cyber-monocle! Seriously, can Ape-X be any better?

If you are in need of a villain to catch your super speedster or befriend your brain in a jar, look no further, true believers!

You can purchase Ape-X at Amazon, though he doesn't live there.

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