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Reaper Bones review #92: NOVA Corporate Security Sergeant

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NOVA Corporate Security Sergeant


Are you a supervillain looking for a means of demonstrating your awesome power against nebulous named police forces? Are you a dark lord who needs to force-choke someone important enough to intimidate the troops but not so important that he can't be replaced? Are you a game master in need of guys in armor who can't shoot straight? Well then NOVA Corp has got a deal for you!

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Bobby Jackson's NOVA Corp (he's sculpted all six figures in this series) are Reaper's answer to Stormtroopers, without the storm. I chose to paint them white with blue markings in the tradition of a police force of the future, which makes them very useful. NOVA Security agents are all outfitted the same: a self-contained environmental suit of armor with a backpack filtration system, a high-tech rifle that has a pump action grenade launcher, six (let's say) tear gas grenades, and that's it. In the tradition of Star War's clone troopers, sergeants carry pistols as well.

This sergeant is pointing (i.e., leading), which is exactly what a sergeant should be doing before he gets mowed down, force choked, or misses yet again with his pistol.

You can purchase this miniature at Amazon.

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