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Reaper Bones review #89: Male fighter with two swords

MFW2S takes on some spiders.  MFW2S for life!
MFW2S takes on some spiders. MFW2S for life!
Michael Tresca

Male fighter with two swords


So there's a lot of guys in the Reaper Bones collection that are wielding two weapons. I'm not entirely sure what the final name of this sculpt is, because he was only referenced as "guy with swords" up to this point, so let's call him MFW2S. In a world where everything is trying to eat you, kill you, or kill you and eat you, there are few fighters who have time to care what people think, and MFW2S -- who doesn't care what anybody thinks because he's wearing a leather skirt.

Now mind you, I would never bring this up to MFW2S's face. He's got a longsword and wicked-looking knife that screams "ASK ME ABOUT MY SKIRT, MOTHER*U&#$!" Smart people never lower their eye line.

But it's hard to ignore. Although there are few fashion don'ts, it seems like MFW2S is cutting his own bloody path. Points for originality -- except the whole two swords thing.

You can't buy MFW2S anywhere else but the Reaper Bones Kickstarter. He's truly one of a kind.

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