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Reaper Bones review #88: Nienna, Elf Ranger

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Nienna, Elf Ranger


Werner Klocke's Nienna has an identity problem. On the one hand she is a ranger, which means she wears a cloak and carries a bow. On the other hand she's an elf, which means...well, we have no idea if she's really an elf since her proportions are similar to a female human and her ears are covered by a cloak. So perhaps Nienna can simply be a ranger.

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But on that count she does her job well. Nienna has a leaf motif throughout her attire and a wing-hilted sword. She's not just a ranger, but one of the good guys. And in case it wasn't clear that she's fond of the woodlands, she's standing on a stump.

A suitable sculpt for more ranger than elf. You can buy this miniature at Amazon.

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