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Reaper Bones review #87: Halbarand, Cleric

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Halbarand, Cleric


Halbarand is a cleric who really likes his book. Sculptor Tom Harris has taken pains to show just how much Halbarand really, really loves his book, by tying him to it -- literally. Either that, or Halbarand's book has a mind of its own and the chain is really a baby leash for the animated book.

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In any case, Halbarand is that rare cleric who looks dignified because of his moustache (facial hair, yay!). Dragonlance readers might be reminded of Sturm. Halbarand's warhammer, plate mail, and flowing cloak round out the cleric image. An awesome sculpt for a cleric who takes his religion very seriously.

You can purchase this miniature at Amazon.

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