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Reaper Bones review #85: Mason Thornwarden, Ranger

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Mason Thornwarden, Ranger


You might have noticed that the number one way you can tell that a sculpt is a ranger by his hooded cloak and his bow. Bobby Jackson's ranger sculpt fulfills all the ranger obligations. As an added bonus, he even has a beard -- a small amount of facial hair is rare on miniatures, probably because the detail doesn't show up well. And that unfortunately holds true for Thornwarden.

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Until I saw the painted versions of Thornwarden on Reaper's site, I had no idea he had a beard. There's also details along his arms that are easy to miss. This is one of the few sculpts that probably suffered in transition from metal to the Bones format. Still a good ranger, but not a particularly exciting one.

You can buy this miniature at Amazon.

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