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Reaper Bones review #82: Grave Wraith

Grave Wraith


The appearance of wraiths have pretty much been set down by Lord of the Rings' Ringwraiths, so there's not much to your typical wraith except a shroud and a sword. Sculptor Bob Ridolfi mostly sticks to the script, with a headless wraith wielding a rune-scribed sword. And in case it's not clear as to the miniature's title, a little grave is part of the wraith's base.

Painted pictures of Reaper Bones' Grave Wraith.
Michael Tresca

What's odd is that this miniature is translucent. Ringwraiths are invisible inside their cloaks, but casting this miniature in all green translucent plastic means his cloak is invisible. You could of course paint the cloak, but that defeats the purpose of having a translucent miniature in the first place.

Because Dungeons & Dragons wraiths are entirely incorporeal, this miniature is hews a bit closer to the D&D version. I chose to just paint the wraith's hands, his sword and the nearby grave marker, which makes for an interesting contrast.

You can purchase this miniature at Amazon.

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