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Reaper Bones review #81: Labella DeMornay, Banshee

Labella DeMornay, Banshee


Banshees have always been known as a wailing spirit, the sound of which heralded death. It doesn't necessarily mean that a banshee wailing CAUSED death, but that's a case of a narrative vs. system. Julie Guthrie's sculpt stays true to form, a fairy (in this case an elf, as indicated by her pointed ears) rising up into the air with her mouth open in a scream. Well, sort of.

Painted and unpainted pictures of Reaper Bones' banshee.

DeMornay's mouth is open, but it's not really a scream. This isn't a shriek of horror so much as a shout. DeMornay has a belt and neckpiece that looks appropriately elvish. I painted her skin, but left her hair and ghostly accoutrements transparent, which created a distinctive look.

You can order this miniature at Amazon.

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