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Reaper Bones review #78: Night Spectre

Night Spectre


At first glance Julie Guthrie's sculpt looks like a hunk of translucent green plastic. It's not until you start adding color to the skeletons (and only the skeletons) that you see the beauty of the miniature.

Painted pictures of Reaper Bones' night spectre.
Michael Tresca

There are several different skeletons, all rising up in a swirling green mist. The fun of a translucent sculpt like this is in preserving the see-through areas while painting the relevant parts, and a simple application of bone color does the trick. The skeletons don't look happy either, but then do skeletons ever really look happy? I guess they're always smiling...

The only challenge with his sculpt is the peculiar size. It's more like a wall of bones (larger and more appropriate than say, the translucent red wall of fire). As such it would need to be appropriately based for a D&D game.

You can order this miniature at Amazon.

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