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Reaper Bones review #74: Medium Fire Elemental

Medium Fire Elemental


When you have a lot of miniatures that are generic blobs, you can't blame a sculptor for wanting to make them unique. Fire elementals are basically columns of flame, and busy game masters could be forgiven for using, say, the wall of fire as a medium fire elemental. But sculptor Bob Ridolfi isn't content with all that, and has made a bat-winged faceless female creature as his elemental.

Painted pictures of the medium fire elemental.
Michael Tresca

I used yellows and oranges to better define the faceless mask of the elemental, which is lost in the translucence of the red mold.

On the one hand, this makes for a much more interesting elemental. She's just shapely enough to give the suggestion of femininity, but lacks enough detail so that she can't be mistaken for a being that is on fire. This is also the figure's downfall -- by providing a gender to elementals that are typically alien beings, it limits the sculpt's usefulness for games. Still, if you're looking for a female creature on fire this will do nicely. Me? The wall of fire is just fine.

You can order this miniature at Amazon.

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