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Reaper Bones review #73: Burning Sphere

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Burning Sphere


When I was playing D&D 3.5, my low-level elf wizard would cast two flaming sphere spells in rapid succession and then direct them on the battlefield while he hung back. This was particularly helpful when I ended up playing in Living Greyhawk games with PCs of much higher level -- my elf wizard could participate remotely from up to 100 feet away. This sculpt by Kevin Williams solves the dilemma of showing the sphere in action.

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I tried to resolve this first with a red, round six-sided die, but they rolled all over the place. I finally settled on red D12s, which could be changed to show how many rounds are remaining. But for more thematically-appropriate representation, these translucent red spheres will do nicely.

You can order this miniature at Amazon.

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