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Reaper Bones review #73: Burning Sphere

Burning Sphere


When I was playing D&D 3.5, my low-level elf wizard would cast two flaming sphere spells in rapid succession and then direct them on the battlefield while he hung back. This was particularly helpful when I ended up playing in Living Greyhawk games with PCs of much higher level -- my elf wizard could participate remotely from up to 100 feet away. This sculpt by Kevin Williams solves the dilemma of showing the sphere in action.

Painted pictures of the burning sphere.
Michael Tresca

I tried to resolve this first with a red, round six-sided die, but they rolled all over the place. I finally settled on red D12s, which could be changed to show how many rounds are remaining. But for more thematically-appropriate representation, these translucent red spheres will do nicely.

You can order this miniature at Amazon.

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