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Reaper Bones review #72: Wall of Fire

Wall of Fire


I have to confess that the first thing that caught my eye about the Reaper Bones Kickstarter wasn't the awesome Bobby Jackson and Werner Klocke sculpts. No, it was the translucent miniatures. I mean, you can never have enough walls of fire!

Painted versions of the Wall of Fire.
Michael Tresca

It's a pretty straightforward sculpt. Gene Van Horne gets the flames down, and a little yellow and orange paint really adds to the effect. The only problem with this wall of fire that, for a wall, it only covers a five-foot square. A 7th-level wizard with access to the wall of fire spell starts out at 20 ft./level of 140 feet long and 20-feet high. You get three from Reaper at $4.99, which is 15 feet of fire. You would need to buy 10 packs of three each, or $49.99 worth, to cast the lowest level of wall of fire possible. And it wouldn't be the right height either.

A wall of fire is a good idea, but doesn't have a lot of practical application in D&D games. Your mileage may vary with other game systems.

You can order this miniature at Amazon.

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