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Reaper Bones review #71: Grandmother

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The only sculpt rarer than a child in tabletop gaming is an old person. Not the old wizard types, or the old druid types, but an old woman with a broom who isn't a witch. This grandma fits the bill -- or she would, if she actually looked old.

The problem is that the grandmother sculpt doesn't look like a grandmother. There's no age detail in her face, and her skeletal structure looks like that of a younger woman. With miniatures like this, sculptors sometimes have to exaggerate features to make them more visible, but Bobby Jackson has managed just a lady with a broom. There's still a need for this miniature (there are not enough villager sculpts just doing what they do), but you'll need to look in other villages for an old person sculpt.

You can order this miniature at Noble Knight Games.

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