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Reaper Bones review #70: Mother with Children

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Mother with Children


On the one hand, I'm glad this miniature exists. If you play any online fantasy role-playing game, you could understandably assume that people are cloned fully formed -- children are very rare in RPGs. Tabletop role-playing games aren't much better -- there was a time when dungeons were populated with "females and children" of various monstrous humanoids, which would leave our stalwart adventurers with the highly unpalatable decision to either continue "cleaning out the dungeon" or leave them to fend for themselves. On the other hand, this miniature is so poorly sculpted that it looks like a woman holding the Pillsbury Doughboy in one hand and the puffy halfling in the other.

The detail on the children is curiously lacking. I'm also not fond of miniatures bunching up together -- while the mother and baby are understandably one miniature, the child is mobile enough to stand on his own, but they're all on one base here. There aren't many sculpts of kids, but this isn't a good one.

You can order this miniature at Noble Knight Games.

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