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Reaper Bones review #69: Strumpet

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No, it's not a funny spelling of trumpet -- this is a strumpet, AKA a prostitute, sculpted by Bobby Jackson (and not Werner Klocke, which is ironic). She wears a traditional dress, but she's not afraid to reveal it to show a little leg. Our strumpet also has a come hither gesture, with long hair obscuring one eye. Jackson's strumpet makes it clear what she's selling.

Why would you need such a miniature? If you're playing the first edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons there's an easy answer: The Random Harlot Table. Topless Robot explains:

In the very first edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Gary Gygax and company knew full well that any halfway decent fantasy world would be full of whores in tight corsets and willing to f**k any PC without an N. Why, you couldn’t swing a bugbear without hitting a whore in D&D’s glory age—but Gygax soon realized that after the bugbear hit the whore, what kind of whore would she be? Obviously, more information was necessary.

You can order this miniature at Noble Knight Games.

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