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Reaper Bones review #68: Townsfolk, Bartender

Reaper Miniatures



A guy walks into a bar, and he says, "Where's the bartender?" because you didn't buy this miniature.

No epic tales here, although he probably has many to tell since he hears every sob story that comes into his establishment. You can tell by the frown on his face that he expects trouble -- because let's face it, adventurers are trouble -- and that it's hard enough to get by cleaning up after you brutes.

If you ever plan to have a bar brawl and play with miniatures, you need this figure. And now, a proper bar joke:

A guy walks into a bar and sits down. He orders a beer, and another, and another, etc., until finally the bartender asked him to leave.

He walks out the side door, and a few seconds later, he walks in the front door, sits down, orders a drink, and the bartender asks him to leave.

He gets up, walks out the side door, and comes back in the front door and is asked to leave.

This happens about eight more times. On the ninth, the man exclaims, "How many bars do you work in, man?!"

You can order this miniature at Noble Knight Games.

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