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Reaper Bones review #62: Finari, Crusaders Hero

Finari, Crusaders Hero


It's odd that Werner Klocke's sculpt is called a crusader. Finari is clearly a paladin -- certainly more paladin than Isabeau. In Finari's case her paladin symbol is a crosslet -- a cross that ends in a smaller cross on each arm. The crosslet is a symbol of the Arms of Beauchamp. Finari has them on her shield, her shoulders, her gauntlets, even her boots. Her sword's hilt has the same crosslet pattern. When Finari takes on a style, she really commits.

Painted and unpainted pictures of Reaper Bones' Finari, Crusaders Hero
Reaper Miniatures

This is what Reaper has to say about Finari:

One of the rare women among the Justicars, and also one of the youngest to achieve that rank, Finari seems to feel that she has something to prove. Her voice is often raised against those of her Elders, questioning or challenging, but she speaks with intelligence and her astute observations are welcome. It is often wished, however, that her contributions were not delivered by such a very sharp tongue.

Nonetheless, in battle Finari is a steadfast foe of evil, and her ruthless dispatching of the enemy is almost as efficient as Sir Brannor's. Indeed, in a rare show of humor the Sergeant once issued a challenge, and now he and Finari often fight side by side in the field, competing to see how many black souls they can send to death's gates. Though leadership is not her forte, Finari's skill and fervor do inspire her fellow Templars to hold the line, no matter what horrors the enemy sends against them.

Well now I'm really confused. Is Finari a Justicar, a Templar, a paladin, or a crusader?

Her hair is still a little too long for combat-readiness, but not so long that it's ridiculous for a paladin who prides herself in her appearance. Finari's haughty stance as she peers down her nose at an opponent unworthy of her time positions her as a great paladin (or Justicar, or Templar, etc.) or at least, one familiar to adventuring parties everywhere.

You can order this miniature at Noble Knight Games.

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