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Reaper Bones review #61: Astrid, Female Chronicler

Astrid, Female Chronicler


Pity the bard. If you happen to play one (guilty!), finding a miniature to represent the bard is difficult. You can find a dozen different weapon-wielding fighters to model your warrior's unique fighting style on the tabletop, but you'll be hard pressed to find the perfect bard figure: the right race holding the right musical instrument. In my experience almost all bards sing (because, really, why risk carrying and losing an unwieldy musical instrument?), but if you happen to play a female elf bard who strums a guitar you're in luck, because Astrid fits the bill.

Painted and unpainted pictures of Reaper Bones' Astrid, Female Chronicler
Reaper Miniatures

Astrid is another of Werner Klocke's attractive creations, posing like a model with a sword dangling from her hip and what looks like an electric guitar by her side. She's a bard and an entertainer though (excuse me, CHRONICLER) so it's reasonable to assume she's not really dressed for combat. The potion bottles and ever-present belt pouches show that Astrid's always ready for a good time, whatever form it may take.

You can order this miniature at Noble Knight Games.

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