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Reaper Bones review #227: Little Death

Little Death-slide0
Michael Tresca

Little Death


For the remainder of the Reaper Bones reviews, Talien AKA Tal (the satyr paladin) and Maleficent AKA Mal (the half-fey/half-fiend sorceress) will review familiars as part of a new series, "That Familiar Show," a sort of fantasy dog show. In this installment, they review Little Death.

Mal: Welcome back to "That Familiar Show." Today we're discussing this little guy.

Tal: Come sit on my lap. What's your name lil guy?

Little Death (LD): Little Death.

Mal: Our first talking familiar. What a refreshing change from talking to you.

Tal: What's wrong with talking to me?

Mal: I think it's self evident. So Little Death, tell us about you?

LD: I'm pretty much what it says on the tin: I'm little, and I look like death.

Tal: Hilarious! So what's that you're holding there?

LD: This? It's a polearm.

Mal: But it's not a scythe.

LD: Hmm?

Mal: A scythe. You're named Little Death. Shouldn't you be wielding a scythe?

LD: A what?

Tal: You know, the Grim Reaper? Reaping souls? With a scythe? Like farmers?

LD: Never heard of it.

Mal: What's up with your name?

LD: What about it?

Tal: HAHA!

Mal: What?

Tal: Little Death translates to "Little Mort" which translates to something else in French, "la petit morte."

Mal: And?

Tal: ...and you know what THAT means.

Mal: Ooooh. Maybe a little dead guy isn't so bad to have around after all.

Tal: Not entirely sure how to classify this guy.

LD: I'm an improved familiar that's undead, neutral evil, and requires a caster level of 7.

Mal: That's awfully high for a little guy like you.

Tal: Got any other powers?

Mal: Wait a minute...

LD: No wait don't lift my hood!

Mal: A kobold zombie?! That explains a lot. Downgraded to caster level 3.

LD: The mystery and the title goes over well with the ladies. Don't tell anybody.

Mal: Zombies can't talk...Tal, get your hand out of that poor kobold zombie's backside!

Tal: Did I mention I know ventriloquism?

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