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Reaper Bones review #223: Wolf

Michael Tresca



For the remainder of the Reaper Bones reviews, Talien AKA Tal (the satyr paladin) and Maleficent AKA Mal (the half-fey/half-fiend sorceress) will review familiars as part of a new series, "That Familiar Show," a sort of fantasy dog show. In this installment, they review a cat.


Mal: Stop that!

Tal: Sorry, I was just announcing the theme of today's "That Familiar Show": the wolf!

Mal: So why are you howling?

Tal: Because I was saying it in wolf?

Mal: Make sense.

Tal: Wolves are probably the most frequent animal companions, because wolves are cool.

Mal: A variety of wolf-types can be acquired as familiars with the Improved Familiar feat, but probably the most wolf-errific of the various D&D splatbooks was the Complete Warrior, which introduced the worg, blink dog, hell hound, howler, and winter wolf as familiars. As for the plain old wolf, it's master will need to be one step from neutral and 3rd level.

Tal: With all these canines you might say we've introduced a "pack" of familiars.

Mal: No, you didn't need to say that.

Tal: You know what I like about this wolf? He's not leaping.

Mal: He should be leaping?

Tal: Oh they always are. Hopping up, Jumping around. This guy's just chilling. Just staring. All wolf-like. Staring with the power of the coolness that is being the only wolf in the room.

Mal: You seem to be projecting.

Tal: Me? Nah, I just think wolves are cool. Have you seen my shirt?

Mal: Not that shirt. Please not that shirt.

Tal: What woman can resist a hand-dyed shirt featuring a stunning screen print of three wolves howling at a moon on a preshrunk, 100% cotton tee?

Mal: Any woman who can see you wearing that shirt.

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