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Reaper Bones review #222: Cat

Michael Tresca



For the remainder of the Reaper Bones reviews, Talien AKA Tal (the satyr paladin) and Maleficent AKA Mal (the half-fey/half-fiend sorceress) will review familiars as part of a new series, "That Familiar Show," a sort of fantasy dog show. In this installment, they review a cat.

Tal: Today's "That Familiar Show" looks at the old thief staple, the cat.

Mal: Cats don't seem to be common familiars for most adventurers unless they're thieves as well, in which case the whole "cat burglar" thing becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Tal: Or you're Catwoman. ME-OW.

Mal: Seriously?

Tal: Ahem. Yes, Catwoman had a cat who assisted in all her crimes in Batman: The Animated series. Her name was Isis.

Mal: And this is relevant why?

Tal: No reason. I just really like Catwoman.

Mal: Uh huh. Can we talk about the familiar now?

Tal: Oh right. So the cat bestows a +3 bonus to Move Silently checks on its master. Which is fine I guess if you want to be stealthy at lower levels.

Mal: Exactly. Fine for dual-classed characters who need the extra boost to Move Silently -- and the primary reason you would want that bonus is so you can sneak attack. No sneak attack? No cat familiar.

Tal: You know this cat looks like it's taking a swipe at something with its back arched and tail up.

Mal: In other words, it looks like a typical black cat on Halloween. That's no coincidence -- familiar spirits, as they were called, frequently took animal forms, and that form was sometimes a black cat.

Tal: So that's why black cats are unlucky? Seems like a terrible idea for a familiar.

Mal: I'm pretty sure if you want to go sneaking around, a black cat is actually a great idea.

Tal: Fair point, I guess fuchsia cats don't last long in the wild.

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