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Reaper Bones review #219: Terezinya, Bone Pander Wizard

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Michael Tresca

Terezinya, Bone Pander Wizard


Terezinya has a curious profession. As a "Bone Pander" there's a few possibilities: she panders to bones by playing up the value of drinking milk; she sell bones and therefore is constantly on the prowl for more to add to her collection; or she really likes the bones of fluffy white and black bears.

...What? Oh "PANDER" not "PANDA" sorry:

One such group of fearless pilferers is known as the Bone Panders, a loose-knit organization of adventurers and mercenaries that scour Adon's graveyards in search of wealth and lore. Some unscrupulous Bone Panders recover and sell fresh bodies as cadavers, or even the remains of legendary heroes to sell body parts piecemeal as relics. Yet the Bone Panders are more than mere tomb robbers, they are also hunters of the undead. Many noble and august organizations of undead slayers exist in Adon, such as the militant Pale Reavers or the Church of Laris, all grim crusaders in the fight to eradicate the undead menace. However, the Bone Panders are unique in that they do not hunt the undead for just and noble causes; on the contrary, they hunt them for profit. Wizards, scholars, and universities from all across Adon pay handsomely for undead remnants such as ghostly ectoplasm, vampire ichor, or lich dust. Some demented necromancers or anatomists pay princely sums for captured undead specimens, a deadly undertaking indeed.

The problem with this sculpt is that it translates poorly to Bonesium. She has several neat features that would make her a suitable stand-in for female necromancer akin to the ghoul queen, but they're practically unrecognizable in Bonesium form. It's a cool sculpt with little details like a coffin purse that are Werner Klocke's specialty, but you can't really make it out as the details aren't sharp enough. Which is a shame.

You can purchase this miniature at Amazon.

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