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Reaper Bones review #217: Malek, Necropolis Mage

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Mike Tresca

Malek, Necropolis Mage


Are you sick of all the He-Men in the necropolis kicking you in the face? Are all the well-muscled ghouls stealing your ghoul queen girlfriend? Sick and tired of being soft, frail, skinny or flabby -- only HALF ALIVE? I know just how you feel. Because I was once a puny 97-pound necromancer. And I was so ashamed of my scrawny frame that I dreaded being seen without my robes.

Then I discovered a wonderful way to develop my body fast. It worked wonders for me -- changed me from the scrawny skeleton I was at 17 to The World's Most Perfectly Developed Mage. And I can build up YOUR body the very same unnatural way -- without weights, springs or pulleys. Don't hesitate, order your copy of my new potion today and win that ghoul girl back pronto!*

An excellent miniature if you want a guy who looks suspiciously like Skeletor in your games, need a supervillain with a bone fetish, or want a bad guy who has more muscle than the average spellcaster. You can purchase this miniature at Amazon.

* Results not guaranteed. Malek is an unusual exception to most necromancers and does not represent average results. Never drink a potion without reading the label first. Your ghoul girlfriend may have left you for reasons other than your sickly body and will not necessarily return.

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