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Reaper Bones review #210: Ingrid, Female Gnome

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Ingrid, Female Gnome


Ingrid is a gnome who isn't afraid to flaunt her wealth. Or alternately, she has some kind of magical stone that does something helpful. Whatever the case, Derek Schubert's sculpt holds up a stone in one hand, a short sword in the other. Is she bribing someone? Crowing about her find? Or just going to throw a rock at somebody's head? For fans of text-based games, there is another answer. Perhaps Ingrid is a ranger:

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The game is a standard text adventure with limited graphics on some platforms. It comes with a short novella by Peter McBride ("The Gnettlefield Journal") explaining Ingrid's predicament and setting the background to the story. Gameplay is similar to the earlier Level 9 adventure Knight Orc, which uses the same game engine (KAOS). The player must explore the forest while collecting useful items and interacting with various non-player characters to solve puzzles and problems.

Gnome Ranger featured a female gnome named Ingrid Bottomlow who, after doing ridiculous things like going to college and getting an education, is teleported to a dangerous forest and must find her way back. In which case perhaps Ingrid is yelling at her mother with, "See mom? College really did pay off!" You can purchase this miniature at Amazon.

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