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Reaper Bones review #207: Yephima, Female Cloud Giant

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Yephima, Female Cloud Giant


Like Julie Guthrie's storm giant, I decided to paint the beautiful Yephima first out of all my Kickstarter Bones miniatures, because how hard could it be to paint a giant? A lot harder than I thought, as it turns out. One dip in Simply Green later and she was as good as new and I got a second chance to make her actually look like a cloud giantess.

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Wizards of the Coast describes the cloud giant:

Second in the giant hierarchy, and more than willing to fill the gap in leadership left by the reclusive and fatalistic storm giants, are the cloud giants. They are a divided race, unlike every other giant kind—roughly half of the cloud giants are good, and the other half are evil. Neutral cloud giants are rare, since they face great pressure to choose one side or another. Good giants trade with civilized folk to acquire fine items, while evil ones raid and plunder to the same end.

Unlike the storm giant, Yephima's less interested in fighting than posing like a pinup model with a bemused smirk on her face. Given that she's a giant, this comes across as supremely arrogant -- she can adopt such a pose because whatever she's looking at is clearly beneath her (literally). She's beautiful and haughty, but the stone club that looks like it was crafted from a Greco-Roman column shows she means business. You can purchase this miniature at Amazon.

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