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Reaper Bones review #206: Storm Giant

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Storm Giant


Confession time: this was the first miniature I painted when I got my Reaper Bones Kickstarter, and I screwed it up spectacularly. I thought that it would be pretty easy to paint such a large miniature. I was wrong.

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So to my delight, I put Reaper's claim that Bonesium can be easily stripped of paint to the test by dipping Julie Guthrie's storm giant in Simply Green for a week. With a few scrubs of a brush, the miniature was good as new.

This is a good thing, because two hundred miniatures later I was a much better painter than when I started. I still look askance at the first fifty miniatures of the Kickstarter, but I don't have the time to redo every miniature so I've left them alone for the moment. This storm giant however was just too awesome to not repaint. Wizards of the Coast describes them:

The largest, strongest, and overall most powerful of the true giants are the storm giants. More than any other giant, they remember and brood on their race’s glorious history. Secluded in their towering castles, situated on mountain peaks, living deep underwater, or ensconced on the clouds themselves, storm giants muse on the vagaries of fate that reduced them to their current state while vermin races such as elves and humans took over the world. They are not malicious—their alignment is generally chaotic good—but neither are they particularly interested in the affairs of the world. Some would call them self-absorbed.

This is a beautiful sculpt. He has an octopus theme on his Greek-inspired armor, with wild eyes and hair and a beautiful flowing kilt. You can purchase this miniature at Amazon.

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